Creating a world, with passion

We are a video game development studio focused on Virtual Reality (VR) for PC and Playstation VR.
In our projects, we pour our passion to make believable worlds to help player escape the reality for a great gaming session.
We are pen & paper RPG fans, gamers, engineers, artists and we work together to make something beautiful.
Join us on our journey and discover far worlds you never expected to be so close !

Bringing dreams to life

Members of the studio are dreamers and probably a bit crazy. We have many ideas and we work on making them awe inspiring.
We tend to focus on social experience with story telling and world building instead of making overly complex game mechanics that can be exausting to play in VR.
We prefer to make things right with high quality instead of reinventing every wheels.
We believe this is what VR needs.

Laurent Redel
Founder, Software Engineer, Game Designer

Laurent is an experienced software engineer with a strong passion for video games and table top RPGs. He loves to create worlds and stories. When he tried VR for the first time, he knew it will become his next job. He decided to start working on a VR-RPG game, left his job and created the studio.

Concept Artist, 2D Artist

Presentation SOON (tm)

Software Engineer

Presentation SOON (tm)

SOON (tm)

All our supporters

We are getting support from our community !
Join us in this adventure !